Tony Robbins 90-Second Rule To End Suffering


Tony Robbins explains in an interview with Lewis Howes how he uses a 90-second rule to help eliminate that feeling of suffering. The method created by the motivational speaker was inspired to end suffering as it arises which he explains more about in his new book titled Unshakeable.

2 Chainz Demos $30k Meditation Pod


2 Chainz and GQ Magazine team up to offer a web-series titled, “Most Expensive Shit.” In this episode, the rapper meets up with Alberto Frias, creator of Transport Perceptual Pod. The meditation pod is aimed at promoting mediation by using sound, light and vibration technologies. Watch as rapper 2 Chainz tests out $30,000 meditation pod.

Could The Secret To Happiness Be Growth?


Anna Akana dives in and shares her take on The Secrets to Happiness. Often times many of us may tend to get discouraged or overwhelmed by those unwanted tedious daily tasks. Anna reminds us of the art of growth and suggests to focus on the current progress that you’re making and not being so focused on the end result. What are you thoughts? Leave us a comment below.

Eric Thomas Tells Us How To Be The Right Person


Eric Thomas presents a four-video series on “Be The Right Person” sharing uplifting advice and inspiring many of us in his weekly series, “TGIM: Thank God It’s Monday.” Eric explains the importance of being the right person in order to attack and accomplish our goals. The motivational speaker explains the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and being in the right place physically and mentally and ultimately being real with yourself.

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